Author: Jeferson Souza

Companies today are undergoing cultural shifts and adapting agile workflows to thrive in our new digital reality.

Whilst digital transformation may appear to happen largely at the board level with little decision-making power for non-executives, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

On the contrary, project managers play a vital role in the digital transformation process and are some of the most important stakeholders in an organisation during its execution.

Here, I walk through the impact digital transformation has had on project management, and how project managers can handle change in their organisation as effectively as possible.

Why project management and digital transformation go hand-in-hand   

Digital transformation requires a lot of tactical-level decision-making in a continually evolving market. As the business landscape rapidly changes, project management professionals must learn to adapt.

Digital project managers – those who embrace technological innovation and advanced digital techniques – develop a more comprehensive view of the project management lifecycle. They understand how to leverage people, processes and technology to help their organisations achieve digital transformation.

No project manager can single handedly make or break a digital transformation, because it is a company-wide effort. When projects run behind schedule and exceed their spending, everything is impacted.

However, the scope of the project manager’s skills and responsibilities means they can be a highly effective driver of success in digital transformation.

How digitisation is redefining and streamlining the project manager’s role

Whilst a digital transformation strategy starts in the C-suite, project managers take the wheel when it comes to the execution.

Project managers shouldn’t fear this. Yes, it will take time, effort and a bit of disruption. But it will also empower you as a project manager to better manage team members, more efficiently deliver projects, and, ultimately, better serve your customers and clients.

One of the biggest areas in which digital transformation is redefining project management is cross-team communication.

Collaborative software allows team members and all stakeholders to connect and engage in real-time. This increases efficiency and allows PMs more time to focus on strategy optimisation and project delivery.

The result is that management can make better-informed decisions faster and more easily than ever before.

CGI is leading the way in digital transformation

The COVID-19 lockdown has necessitated a quick shift to digital for many organisations.

At CGI, we have successfully reorganised our project team and helped our clients through a successful transition thanks to the innovative digital tools and models we have available.

Whether as a result of COVID-19 or not, realising the promise of digital requires transformation across three areas: organisational structure, the business’ model and technology.

At CGI, we specialise in transforming all three areas to assist clients in securing their digital futures. We help them to rethink how they operate by focusing on driving value through innovation and agility.

From generating ideas and building strategies to managing scaled implementations and agile operations, we collaborate with clients at every step of the way.

If you’re interested in tackling some of the digital transformation challenges we’re working on, check out career opportunities at CGI.