The Payments industry has been facing a revolutionary change for years, with the new trends linked to Open Banking, and the regulatory compliance to which financial institutions have to adapt. In addition, the impact of COVID-19 in the Banking Sector has led to a growth in delinquency in the payment of consumer loans, which has led many banks to seek new tools to help them in their tasks.

Digitization of the recovery process in order to help clients

Due to this situation at CGI in Spain, we have carried out a solution based on the digitization of the recovery process in a way that simplifies and facilitates the payment of their debts for end customers, as well as providing security in the payment process, safeguarding information and customer data through the MEI.

Implementation of an own local solution that meets the client's needs

MEI is a tool that allows the sending of personalized messages between a bank and its customers in a B2C mode, so that they can interact between them through an application that is generated in real time for that specific customer. In addition, there are other use cases that can be carried out in the design of said application.

In this case, MEI provides a Payment Hub, which will be a personalized application for each debt and client, and which can be sent to clients, embedded in their usual communications (SMS, Mail with a QR code, e-mail, App ...), and allows end customers to access all means of payment available to the entity. In this way, clients will be able to pay their debts from the messages themselves, in a comfortable, easy, safe and confidential way.

Possibility of adapting MEI solution to the customer's needs

This is one of the applicability use cases with CGI’s MEI (Interactive Electronic Message), but it is possible to carry out other use cases such as digital onboarding processes, activation processes, sending extracts and interactive communications, surveys of satisfaction, real-time issues, marketing campaigns...

Digitization is underway. The trend for companies to become secure digital companies is reinforced in our CGI Client Global Insights. Executives cite modernization, automation and robotics, and cloud technologies as their top investments in innovation, key elements that make up the architecture of modern technology supply chains.