From industry to energy transportation and from mobility to residential heating, every sector is looking for alternative ways to reduce its greenhouse gases (GHG) footprint and dependencies on fossil fuels. Achieving this requires a high degree of flexibility in our overall energy system. It also involves significant and costly infrastructural changes. Smart solutions are essential to fulfill our energy needs while controlling costs.

Hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, looks promising as part of the solution to reach climate goals and reduce GHG emissions in several industries and markets. Hydrogen can be produced with (excess) wind or solar energy while burning hydrogen only produces water and energy. Huge investments are being made, but many steps still are needed to lower the cost, accelerate digitalization and mature the market.

CGI is committed to accelerating the energy transition as the digitalization partner for the hydrogen economy based on our deep expertise in energy market liberalization, renewables management, asset data management and license to operate.

In this paper, we discuss the market potential for green hydrogen. We also share our vision for developing a green hydrogen supply chain and moving to a mature and sustainable hydrogen market model in Europe as an integral part of a complete energy ecosystem.