Responsible business

As a global company, we have a responsibility to conduct our business in the most ethical manner, in all countries where we operate, with all of our stakeholders, including clients, members, and suppliers. As a leader in digital services, our responsibility extends to how we deploy digital strategies and protect data, using the highest standards of security.

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George D. Schindler
President and Chief Executive Officer

“As a leading global business and IT services firm, we recognize that CGI has an important role to play in operating as a responsible and ethical company on behalf of our three stakeholders: our clients, our members, and our shareholders.”



We demonstrate our commitment to an environmentally sustainable world through projects delivered in collaboration with clients, our services and solutions, and through our operating and transportation practices, supply chain management, and community service activities.

Climate target:

Achieve net-zero emissions by 2030

2022 progress:

65% reduction of CO2e emissions from 2014

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We champion digital inclusion for all citizens, taking actions locally to improve access to technology and business education and mentoring in order to help everyone be successful in a digital society.

People target:

Reach twice as many participants for our education and mentoring programs as CGI members by 2023

2022 progress:

500,000+ STEM and educational programs beneficiaries, representing 5.6 times the number of our members



We commit to positively contribute to society by leveraging our members’ personal engagement and IT and business expertise through investment in social impact projects and local economic growth initiatives and by actively supporting local business unit pro bono engagements.

Communities target:

100% of business units to implement pro bono projects by 2026

2022 progress:

58% of our business units implemented pro bono projects

Top 1%
Industry average score: 45
Gold rating since 2018
Platinum rating since 2022

Industry average score: 25/100

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Management level score: C
Industry average score: C

CDP Disclosure Insight Action - CSR Responsible business

CGI is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact

We are committed to the UN Global Compact corporate sustainability initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We also contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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We support


In today’s digital world, collaboration is key to achieving long-term success. We continuously engage with parties involved in our ESG ecosystem to contribute to ESG initiatives and increase our positive impact on the communities where we live and work. In alignment with our proximity model, we reach out to local associations and groups and determine the best ways we can collaborate with them and provide support.

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