Humans are social beings with complex needs. Every single person on the planet has commitments and desires outside of their work and to me, it’s about finding the right balance between all these things.

I’ve had a fortunate experience with CGI, because they really promote the right work-life balance for members. I’ve had a very smooth, stress-free pregnancy, for example, largely because of CGI’s work environment.

I’ve also never had to postpone any healthcare appointments, or worry about one taking longer than expected, because my team, and the company, have been super supportive throughout this entire journey.

Getting it right

At CGI, I’ve always felt able to focus on my career progress at the same time as attending to and enjoying the rest of my life. The flexibility we’re given is the biggest contributor to that. Wherever possible we are offered flexible working hours and have a hybrid working model, striking the balance between working from home, supporting our clients onsite and connecting with our colleagues in the office.

I’ve seen people who lack that kind of flexibility at work start to fall behind on other things, which leads to frustration and a stressed mindset. In the long run, the negative effect on your mental health is powerful – and the truth is, when your mind’s not healthy, you’re probably not delivering the quality of work you could be producing either.

The other major positive about CGI’s work environment is that there is absolutely no micromanagement. This embeds a sense of responsibility and accountability, which has always helped me to be more productive.

In the past, before joining CGI, I did have experiences of being heavily micromanaged. It was to the extent that I could no longer produce quality work as I would be so stressed out at every step of the way and doubt every piece of work I did. Of course, that eventually started shattering my self-confidence and did no good for neither myself nor the company!

Staying mentally healthy is key

I’m happy to say that I’ve felt supported in my mental health the whole time I’ve been with CGI. Thanks to this, I’ve been able to produce consistently good work, even during the toughest times during my pregnancy!

CGI has a strong focus on supporting members with their mental health and is working hard to create a culture where there is no stigma around mental health. We have access to local mental health first aiders and throughout the year there are regular webinars and workshops on various topics such as work-life balance, mindfulness and even getting a good night's sleep, to help promote good mental wellbeing.

When a proper work-life balance is achieved, employee satisfaction, productivity and mental health all follow. Happy employees mean good results for the company, so ultimately everybody wins. That’s the big picture every organisation should be looking at!

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