At CGI, we’re not “employees” – we‘re CGI Partners. Everyone who joins CGI is invited to become a shareholder, with our contribution to the share plan matched by CGI up to a generous percentage of our base salary.  

This sense of ownership is woven into our management approach and can be seen at all levels of the company. It gives all of us a voice in shaping the direction of the company and encourages transparency. We’re motivated to deliver for our clients and contribute to our common goal of building a company we can be proud of.

To mark International Women’s Day, we asked our Australian female Partners to elaborate on the significance of CGI’s ‘ownership’ culture and share its impact on their own careers so far. 


What does CGI’s ownership culture mean to you?

Diane O’Connor, Service Manager

“CGI is “our” company. Ownership is reflected in everything we see and do. The company has a growth mindset and encourages all staff to use these skills to identify new opportunities and continually develop skills and to keep up to date with emerging technologies. Staff are encouraged to “own” their development plans and CGI has provided staff with learning passports that provide recommendations for courses based on in-demand areas.

CGI balances the requirements of clients, members and shareholders to achieve optimal success. Happy clients, happy members and happy shareholders have a direct input on share prices. The better we perform the better the share prices achieved and as owners that’s great news!”

Steph Calvert, Talent Acquisition Lead - Australia

The biggest mark of respect that you can give to someone is encouraging ownership. There’s nothing more empowering than having your peers, manager or stakeholders directly or indirectly say ‘we trust you, you’ve got this’. CGI’s ownership culture has done wonders for my career, giving me the confidence to stretch myself, move outside my comfort zone and continually try new things. When you’re trusted to do something, you take even more pride in your work. You own it, and it’s this ownership culture that pulls everyone together in the same direction.”

Cathy Langman, Director – Consulting Services Delivery Manager

“Ownership means that as a member you’re not just there for the ride, but playing a part in the organisation and influencing decisions. It means belonging to a diverse team, and being able to work together to produce something really special for our clients. 

We have the ability to impact our direction, how we succeed and what we choose. I’ve had the opportunity to grow and progress through the organisation, as it really values and respects diversity. It is open to giving people opportunities and helping you develop your skills along the way, and it’s been a real privilege to have that.”

Rocio Pospisil, IT Applications and Infrastructure Project Manager

“In my experience, I can affirm that making us members rather than employees is one of the catalysts of CGI’s success over the years. Participating in the share purchase plan encourages members to work towards a common goal in developing the company. It is motivating to feel part of the company vision and mission, to take pride in CGI’s success, and share the results of a well implemented strategy.”

Carly Deason, Technical Consultant

“To me, CGI’s ownership culture represents the true meaning of “We’re all in this together”. We’re working towards a common goal of improving CGI’s performance and living up to the core company values.

CGI members know we can trust in each other to take initiative and provide our clients with exceptional services, which in turn, benefits all of CGI. Great results provide further motivation to work together and achieve even greater goals in the future.”

Lauren Davis, Director Consulting Delivery

“As both a member and an owner of CGI, my own personal development and successes directly contribute to the development and success of the company - which then directly translates into shared successes for our clients.

CGI’s dream “To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of”, resonates with me. I share a respect and admiration for my colleagues; whether working as a local team, a wider team across Australia or internationally, we are all reflecting a common culture.”


Did you know that CGI is endorsed by Work180, an advocate for working women who provide a directory of endorsed employers who support D&I and equality. Find out more about our D&I efforts and the benefits and policies we have in place to support our members on our Work180 portal

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