CGI’s diverse team comes together from all over the world, in an environment that celebrates our differences and thrives on the strong relationships we build with each other. Together we deliver practical and meaningful innovation to the world’s most vital and exciting sectors, which means that as a CGI member, you’re making a real difference.

CGI works hard to support women in tech, and International Women’s Day is one of many opportunities we take to shine a spotlight on our incredible female talent and the impact they have on our business. This year, we asked our members, “How has CGI empowered you to break through gender bias in your career?” Enjoy the stories of success and empowerment we’ve collected from some of the wonderful women we’re proud to call CGI members.

Diane O’Connor

Diane O’Connor, Senior Service Delivery Manager

During my many years here, CGI has had a number of initiatives that have helped me balance my work and family commitments, from child care to looking after my aged parents. These include flexible working options (like part-time or flexible hours), job sharing and WFH options. All staff have the same opportunities which has helped to break through gender bias – all genders have child care or family commitments and it puts us on a level playing field.

It’s been refreshing to see some of the men taking advantage of these options. This was not the norm 20 years ago and has been a change for the better. It’s helping to make the family dynamic more balanced and I think men are really enjoying having a larger role with their young kids, just like I did.

Cathy Langman

Cathy Langman, Director - Consulting Services Delivery

CGI has empowered me to shape my career journey, challenge myself, expand my skills and experience, and work with and learn from a diverse group of amazing people.

I joined as a part-time member, job sharing with a female colleague in the Outsourcing Support Services Manager role. Over time, I became a Client Service Delivery Manager and then a Regional Delivery Manager, responsible for a large team delivering to multiple clients. I am now a Director, Consulting Services Delivery Manager responsible not only for the delivery of services to multiple clients but also the management of the members delivering those services, the financial management of the client projects and the development and growth of the business.

Today, as a member of the Australian Leadership team, I am proud to be a member of a company that values, welcomes and respects diversity within our workplace. Throughout my time here, I’ve had a flexible, supportive environment which enabled me to balance my work and family life as my children grew up and my elderly parents needed my assistance.

Stephanie Calvert

Stephanie Calvert, Talent Acquisition Lead

One word comes to mind when I answer this question, and that is ‘respect’.

In my very first week, I recall one of our senior leaders asking me in the middle of a leadership team meeting, what my thoughts were on a particular topic. I was thrown completely off guard. I’d only been in the role for a few days but he respected my opinion and from the outset, I felt empowered, respected, included and secure.

Having many similar instances throughout my career at CGI has given me the confidence to put myself forward for projects where I had no previous experience, which in turn have helped me to develop my skills and grow my career. 

Jayashree Dinesh

Jayashree Dinesh, SCADA Engineer

The issue faced by many women in engineering is not being given the chance to prove themselves. I was very lucky to work with a bunch of people throughout my career who has shown respect to the work delivered irrespective of the gender. Also, since joining CGI as an Associate SCADA Engineer last year, CGI has proven that there is no place for gender bias in our workplace. Our success completely depends on our talent and performance.

I believe people perform very well when they are provided with full ownership of their work. My managers and team members have shown trust and delegated a lot of responsibility to me. This has enabled me to work hard and show what I am capable of, and as a result, I was promoted within nine months. I can confidently say that joining CGI was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life.

Jesica Ruiz

Jesica Ruiz, Project Administrator

CGI has empowered me by encouraging me to take on a social role and have a positive influence through my work. Everything is assigned by merit, qualification and fair competition and CGI encourages everyone to make decisions in this way.

CGI has also encouraged me to have a sense of equality, respect, integrity, sensitivity and fairness in the professional field, through the clear communication of its corporate values and training in the awareness of prejudices (and how to overcome them).

Isabelle Gieschen

Isabelle Gieschen, HR Consultant

For me it's empowering not to be treated differently at CGI just because I am a woman.

I am keen to grow so I put up my hand where possible to get exposure. My leader constantly empowers me to go beyond my comfort zone and take on responsibility and ownership, and I get additional motivation by receiving recognition for what I do.

I applied for a role internally which didn't work out quite yet, but rather than feeling discouraged, I was encouraged to fill the gaps through a targeted development plan including upskilling, mentoring and on-the-job exposure specifically to address the gaps and position me for success.

Andrea Hays

Andrea Hays, HR Business Partner

When I returned from an extended career break prior to joining CGI, many employers could not see beyond the time I’d taken off. They did not seem to consider the value in the many years volunteering or charity work I had done, instead just focusing on the fact I had been away from corporate environments for a while.

However, CGI was different. This company truly embraces diversity and inclusion and when it came time to interview for the role here, my career break was not even discussed. From the moment I joined, I was supported with the tools and a great ‘buddy’ system to get me back to speed quickly. They also gave me a flexible working arrangement that has meant I’m not forced to choose between my career or my children, as has been the case at previous companies.

CGI recognises the power of every individual to succeed, forge ahead in their career, and add value to our work. We’re looking forward to welcoming many more women to our company and watching them thrive here.