By Jayashree Dinesh

My role as a Senior SCADA Engineer at CGI can be summed up in three words: empowering, interesting, and fulfilling.

The technologies I support underpin some of our most critical infrastructure such as transport networks, water, sewerage and electricity systems, all providing daily services to millions of citizens – so when I come to work, I know that what I do matters.

While a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) engineer’s duties typically involve configuration and programming of SCADA software for controlling industrial processes, my duties and responsibilities extend beyond SCADA management. I am also involved in project planning, engineering, regression testing, reporting and conducting product training.

As a SCADA engineer, I also work with RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units designed and built in Australia). This entails conducting factory acceptance tests, configurations, programming, demonstrations and commissioning. Occasionally, to alleviate resource constraints, I act as a backfill SCADA resource for different clients, which involves project discussions, liaising with clients, and performing SCADA upgrades and schematic works etc. Overall, my typical day is challenging, but it's a good kind of challenge.

Enjoying the opportunity to stretch and grow

Every role has its share of off days and challenges, but I relish these opportunities because they allow me to test my limits and see how far I can go.

In addition, I consider myself a skilled communicator, which is why I am drawn to conducting site visits and providing product training. I'm fortunate that CGI gave me the chance to conduct product training for one of our clients within my first two years at the company. This support and trust from the company are something I'm truly grateful for.

My willingness to learn is a choice I make

One of the most exciting opportunities available to me at CGI is the ability to explore any career stream within the company. During monthly meetings with my manager, I am asked about my satisfaction with my current work and whether I am interested in pursuing a different career path.

The managers at CGI are active mentors and provide great tools such as CGI Academia, where I can choose from hundreds of courses aligned with my career stream and even participate in hands-on lab courses to stay updated on industry trends.

Additionally, the company values work-life balance, which means that we have the flexibility to choose where we work and enjoy flexible hours.

Being in the driver’s seat of my career

If you have a lot of work that requires repetition, it's natural to feel uninterested and you may start seeking new opportunities. However, at CGI Australia, we have a unique and diverse range of experiences all under one roof. We believe that career advancement is key to organizational success, which is why we provide training and development opportunities aligned with our career progression framework.

What sets our CGI Australia team apart is our exceptional work culture. Unlike feeling like just another employee, I feel like an integral part of the team. Our team has a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, and we take our work seriously while also enjoying ourselves.

We are always encouraged to take on new roles, which ensures that I am continually challenged with fresh and exciting opportunities. Despite taking risks, we all work towards a common goal and receive ample support. Working at CGI Australia gives me confidence that I am on the right path in my career.

I hope this gives you a glimpse of what it's like to work with us. If you are interested in experiencing this for yourself, please check out our Careers Page for open positions.