The Payment Methods industry has been facing a revolutionary change for years, with new trends linked to Open Banking and regulatory compliance to which financial institutions have to adapt. ISO 20022 (instant payments and transfers) and PSD2 (open payments) regulations are already mandatory and companies have to adapt their payment services to them. The new customer profile which knows the technology in depth, seeks a more advanced user experience, the centralization of services, maximum efficiency in payments and access to maximum security in their transactions. This means that new solutions will emerge to obtain competitive advantages.

Nowadays we are all connected through mobile devices, so being able to communicate and interact with all our customers -digital and non-digital- anywhere and at any time and in a simple, safe and effective way, is fundamental. Technological innovation allows, at present, to digitize business processes by sending personalized applications between a financial institution and its customers under a B2C modality, so that you can interact between both, bidirectionally, through applications that are generated in real time for each client at the time you want to make use of it based on business events and that are sent to customers over any channel.

The impact of Covid-19 on the Banking Sector which has meant a growth in delinquency in the payment of consumer loans, has led the industry to design this type of application for the digitization of recovery processes in a way that allows to simplify and facilitate the payment of their debts to end customers, as well as providing security in the payment process by safeguarding customer information and data. In this case, a solution of a Hub of Means of Payment, will be a personalized application to each debt and client, which can be sent to customers, embedded in their usual communications (SMS, mail with or without a QR, eMail, App ...), and that allows end customers to access all the means of payment available to the entity. In this way, customers will be able to pay their debts from the messages themselves, in a comfortable, easy, and confidential way.

This is one of the use cases of applicability of the solutions presented in the market, but let's think that other use cases can be carried out, outside the scope of recovery, based on the sending of custom applications, such as digital on-boarding processes, activation processes, extract submissions and interactive communications, satisfaction surveys, real-time issues, marketing campaigns, virtual event management ... In short, you can digitize any business process that requires an active interaction between two parties, either in B2B or B2C models, and all this in a personalized way to the customer, safe, and with all the traceability of the communication carried in the process for the analysis of said information.

We are facing a new era of means of payment. In the coming years we will continue to witness the birth of new models oriented towards easier, faster, lower-cost, interconnected payment processes, whose operation will be similar in almost all countries, regardless of who the consumer or the seller is and can be carried out through different channels. The digitization revolution is already underway.