Warsaw, Poland, lipiec 29, 2021

Beginning May 2021, CGI in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will ramp up hiring and offer relocation opportunities to IT professionals in Belarus and Ukraine. The recruitment campaign aims to onboard around 200 talents by 2022.

To support evolving business needs and plans to expand operations, CGI is looking for IT professionals with the expertise to help accelerate clients’ digital transformation. Hired professionals can develop their career by participating in technical projects that allow them to innovate and potentially travel internationally. Candidates relocating from Belarus and Ukraine will receive relocation assistance. “Now is the time to join this dynamic team as we need to double our capacity and satisfy our growing client demand globally,” shares Izabela Niewirowska, Director of Human Resources at CGI in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia business unit. “This is a unique opportunity to choose your workplace within the same employer. Today you are in Belarus or Ukraine, but tomorrow you can work in Warsaw (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Tallinn or Tartu (Estonia).”

Where and why should you relocate?

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are part of the Eastern Europe region with a stable investment climate. Businesses are more cost-effective than other European countries because of local government support. The absence of migration barriers and efficient immigration processes allow employees to easily move from other locations. If you are from Minsk, Belarus, relocation is also convenient because of proximity.

If your eyes are set on Poland, this is good choice because of its many Ukrainian and Belarusian communities. “Language barrier is not an issue as our nations understand each other well, and Poland welcomes a multicultural environment. This openness and CGI’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion are a perfect match,” adds Izabela Niewirowska.

Vilnius, Lithuania and Riga, Latvia have a thriving globally-focused business community with IT opportunities. “Vilnius and Riga are waiting to welcome you. There’s a large community of expats from every corner of the world ready for you to join their ranks,” says Vilma Bliūdžiūtė, Manager of Human Resources at CGI in Lithuania and Latvia. In Estonia, its growing IT sector provides opportunities for talents to develop their skills and live a high quality yet affordable life. Ursula Altmets, Manager of Human Resources at CGI in Estonia says, “Estonia might be small but it’s a very citizen-centric and digital-minded country, providing 99% of public services online 24/7, including paperless and hassle-free e-taxation. Our professionals enjoy working at CGI for our flexible work arrangements, great colleagues and meaningful projects.”

Interested to apply?

We are currently looking for developers with background on Java, .NET, PL/SQL JavaScript, or with experience in Guidewire, TIA, MS Dynamics CRM, IFS and Salesforce. We are also looking for experienced DevOps and automation testers who can share their expertise in our agile team. IT professionals can apply for these openings or visit the CGI Careers site. Qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews. Accepted candidates who will relocate will be supported by our partner agencies to help them obtain the necessary permits and facilitate their transfer.

“At CGI, we strive to live by our values and deliver high quality work daily. We provide stability during these unprecedented times, create an inclusive environment and nurture an ownership mentality among our members,” shares Bartłomiej Nieścierowicz, Senior Vice-President of CGI’s Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia business unit. Learn more about CGI.

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