Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) is the first UK Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to publish its full anonymised smart meter half hourly consumption datasets via its Open Data Portal, following OFGEM’s Data Best Practice consultation decision in August 2023.

SSEN were also the first DNO to gain approval from OFGEM with their updated Data Privacy Plan, which demonstrated how they will securely collect half-hourly consumption data from smart meters and aggregate this data at the most granular level to ensure consumer privacy, while maximising its usefulness to the energy sector and stakeholders.

SSEN, via CGI’s DCC Adapter, is collecting the half-hourly consumption data from smart meters via the DCC on a daily basis from the ever-growing portfolio of smart meters connected to their network.  Currently, 1.8 million of SSEN’s smart meters are recording active and reactive half-hourly consumption, equating to more than 170 million individual half-hourly readings. CGI’s DCC Adapter and Networks Smart Orchestration Layer (N-SOL) collect, process, and aggregate these half-hourly readings daily, enabling SSEN to update its dataset every day.  The volume of half-hourly readings received from  smart meters is expected to increase daily as more smart meters are installed.

Smart meter consumption data is a valuable asset not just to the energy sector and its stakeholders, but energy consumers too. Access to local energy consumption data will help SSEN and other DNOs to better manage electricity demand.

Stuart Brand, Vice President of CGI’s Utility Networks business said, “Through the use of CGI’s DCC Adapter and N-SOL, and providing data specialists to support their in-house team, we have helped SSEN give access to aggregated active and reactive half-hourly smart meter data ahead of Ofgem’s timetable.  By doing so SSEN has delivered a valuable asset that can accelerate Britain’s progress towards Net Zero”.

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