Be aware of groups posing as CGI, and who invite individuals to invest or trade on a mobile application with a promise of substantial profits.

Please be on alert should you be contacted or invited to join and invest in these groups. These groups lure individuals through social media and other mobile applications; pose as legitimate organizations through fake documents, announcements, certifications, and income statements; and provide authentic details about CGI, such as office telephone numbers, office addresses, and photos of CGI professionals.

Please be advised that CGI does not have a trading entity, nor does it endorse one. CGI never asks individuals to invest their money in any trading platform. If you are contacted by a proposed representative of CGI via social media, messaging applications, or other communication methods inviting you to invest money, please use your discretion.

It is prudent to be wary of unsolicited offers or invitations with requests to provide personal information and investments. Be cautious of unsolicited or unexpected communications, especially those from unfamiliar names, websites, email addresses, and social media accounts. External CGI communications only come from our corporate website; our official Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram channels; and emails from an domain.

If you suspect fraud, report the incident to your local authorities to help identify fraudulent activity within your jurisdiction and avoid having other victims of the same scam:

You may also visit CGI’s global Investor Relations section for official shareholder information or contact CGI’s Investor Relations team by email: Note that the Investor Relations team cannot give financial or legal advice.