Maximizing the power of geospatial technology

The geospatial sector is growing fast. Organizations are increasingly integrating geographic information systems and taking advantage of the power of geospatial intelligence to better understand how both communities and individuals use the land and their need for related services. Geospatial technologies are increasing efficiencies at all levels—from strategic planning to business management to customer service—for organizations of all types.

With vast GIS experience and expertise, CGI offers the latest GIS technologies, including Esri, Integraph, GE SmallWorld, Oracle, Google and Open Source, to deliver solutions to government and commercial clients worldwide. Our commercial clients work in a wide range of industries, including utilities, oil and gas, telecom, defence, agriculture, forestry, transport and logistics, financial services and health and rely on us for industry-specific GIS solutions designed to address their unique needs.

In Australia, CGI has been delivering value-added GIS consultancy (e.g Reference Architectures and Strategic Roadmaps), integrated GIS solutions , application support and maintenance services for over 25 years.

With broad experience across industries and geospatial technologies, we guide our clients through the challenges of location-enabling their enterprise and enable them to leverage their GIS information and technology to deliver maximum business value.

Our Australian clients include leading organizations in the utilities and transportation sectors


CGI’s geospatial services and solutions

CGI operates 12 global geospatial centres of excellence with more than 500 global GIS experts. Combining in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses with extensive geospatial and GIS expertise, we deliver the following services.

  • GIS integration with mission critical systems
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • System design and development
  • System implementation, customization, training, and evolution
  • Data management and quality assurance and control
  • Data migration
  • Land consolidation (Cadaster)
  • Routing
  • Mapping
  • Border crossing
  • Asset management
  • Utilities (network planning, outage management, distribution)
  • Environment and forestry
  • National security and emergency response
  • Health


We deliver our services and solutions using flexible approaches, including managed services. Our managed services offerings include the following:

  • Facilities management
  • Geospatial application maintenance and support
  • Development and integration of new geospatial projects and applications
  • Business process management

Why CGI?

CGI has an extensive track record of successfully delivering major geospatial projects for clients across the global. We collaborate with the world’s leading geospatial solution providers to deliver the best technologies on the market. CGI, for example, is a leading system integration partner of Esri and collaborates with them on a global basis in support of common customers.

Our GIS experts are able to integrate customer relationship management, mobility and business intelligence concepts and approaches within the geospatial sector. In addition, our results-oriented approach takes infrastructure IT trends into account, including cloud computing and Web services.

CGI’s local presence backed by our global capabilities ensures a high level of local responsiveness and accountability, as well as the benefits of a worldwide team of experts and resources.

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