Reduce costs through better management of above-ground processes

In the upstream sector, remote resource plays, the rise of renewable energy and growing security concerns add operational complexity, cost pressures and compliance issues to an already challenging environment.

Our enterprise software applications, information management consulting services and business process outsourcing services help you reduce costs, increase agility and improve functions vital to managing your information assets for land, production and financial accounting. 

CGI provides deep expertise to support the success of all of your upstream projects—from implementing software designed by our experts, to delivering solutions as a service, to performing non-core, back-office accounting functions. 

CGI’s X2R Business Suite is an integrated portfolio of solutions designed for managing the upstream back office with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency. It includes modules for land management, field data capture, hydrocarbon accounting and financial accounting that can be deployed rapidly and supported from anywhere in the world. This modern platform was built purposely for these functions by CGI’s experienced oil and gas and IT professionals, informed by a broad client base.

This overview brochure reviews the features of this innovative solution suite, as well as value delivered such as:


Business benefits

Strategic benefits

Cost benefits

  • Streamlined information flow and delivery channel support
  • Global visibility into profitability on a well-by-well basis
  • Scalability to support rising data volumes and changing demand
  • Integration with existing enterprise security implementations
  • More efficient access and reporting of asset performance
  • Ready platform for digital drivers, e.g., mobility and cloud
  • Increased focus on core operations
  • Ability to introduce new features rapidly
  • Greater adaptability for different external environments and regional regulations
  • Reduced cost and risk with a single reference architecture
  • Lower total cost of ownership through SaaS delivery and business process outsourcing
  • Reduced costs by eliminating redundant processes