Ships moored at harbor terminals for discharge or loading, trains and trucks to be loaded, last minute schedule changes, differences in weights, and myriad handling and invoice agreements—all of these activities and more demonstrate the complexity of dry bulk cargo handling.

CGI’s Terminal Management System (TMS) is an innovative solution that supports the core business functions involved in dry bulk terminal management. It provides complete oversight and control over terminal logistics and performs all administrative handling.

CGI’s approach to supporting dry bulk terminal management covers both technical and organizational aspects. It is essential for a dry bulk terminal system to be aligned with the terminal’s organizational processes. CGI therefore focuses on tailoring its implementation process to the specific rules and requirements of the organization.

CGI has extensive experience with requirements capturing, system development, logistics processes, and the administration and organizational issues around the introduction of ERP systems. Our TMS has been developed together with the largest dry bulk terminal in Europe, where it is running to the terminal’s full satisfaction.

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