Since the financial crisis of 2008, corporate and institutional banking has been viewed by universal banks as a key focus area for profitable growth based on its lower capital requirements and strong client franchises. This growth, however, has proved elusive due to increasing competition, as well as shifting client demands. A complex regulatory environment, emerging global standards, and real-time transactions also have driven up costs and impeded growth. So, how is the landscape changing and how should corporate banks respond?

For the last three years, CGI has sponsored an annual survey on corporate banking trends and issues conducted by leading financial research provider GTNews. In this report, we analyze survey data from the last three years (2013-2015) to shed light on how the market is changing and identify actions needed to win in the corporate banking market.

It includes an analysis on the trends and how digital transformation is impacting the services provided.  The research is particularly interesting as it includes both the view from Corporates and what they need from Banks as well as from Banks directly and what services they are providing on each channel.  There are some fascinating insights that can be drawn from the research, for example, there is a direct correlation between Corporate satisfaction with a particular service and the provision of that service on digital and mobile channels.

In September this year CGI will be announcing our 2016 research, which will provide the latest update in this four year series.

To find out more download the full research.  If you are interested in discussing the survey with one of our banking experts, contact us at