Working with the Norwegian National Rail Administration (Jernbaneverket), CGI developed a "My Train" app that provides train arrival and delay information to help passengers more effectively plan their trips, as well as enable the Jernbaneverket to improve overall railway management.

The challenge

Jernbaneverket is responsible for managing and evolving the national railway network in Norway on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communication.  To improve customer service and railway management, Jernbaneverket wanted to develop an app that would provide detailed information on train arrivals and departures without overwhelming passengers with a flood of data.

The solution

CGI worked in partnership with Jernbaneverket to design and develop My Train. With a strong focus on usability, they worked to ensure that passengers would not be subjected to an overwhelming amount of data in the form of punctuality figures and statistics. The goal was to create a simple and direct user interface, with attractive infographics providing passengers only with the information they need.

The innovative technology used for My Train enables passengers to track specific  trains, learn about delays, and conveniently re-plan their trips as necessary. The app also provides maps of Norway detailing  overall performance of  various train lines in terms of punctuality.

The result

With My Train, passengers have convenient access to detailed, real-time data that makes it easy for them to anticipate and avoid train delays. For example, passengers can see how often certain trains are delayed and consider using a different train or leaving at a different time.

With robust visibility and usability tools, CGI’s My Train app has transformed the train travel experience, empowering passengers to catch the right train. In addition, it has enabled Jernbaneverket to better respond to delays and improve its punctuality and other railway management initiatives.

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