Real-time management and reporting for emergency medical care 

Merlot Medi is CGI’s real-time system for emergency medical care. It enables fast information sharing between hospitals and personnel at the scene of an accident, as well as more efficient emergency interventions. It was developed with direct input from medical care professionals to create a management and reporting system tailored specifically to their needs.

Merlot Medi is a significant component of CGI’s Merlot software solution suite for safety and rescue services. Drawing upon the latest information systems, communication technologies and network protocols, most commonly 3G and TETRA, Merlot Medi offers a vital operative link in emergency medical care. This scalable system can support the smallest incident up to a large public emergency, by directing vital information and channeling resources where they are needed most.

All information related to an alarm situation is quickly transferred to the most suitable emergency unit in the vicinity, detailing the target name, address, a risk assessment, information on the units handling the alert and any other information that may assist the medical response. The system simultaneously registers alarm details and any change in status.

Key benefits

  • Faster information sharing in real time
  • Scalable from single incidents to full-scale emergencies
  • Facilitates best use of resources through coordination of field units
  • Provides immediate access to medical databases
  • Increases usability via touch screen functionality
  • Enables wireless connectivity to physician tablets
  • Automates administrative functions.