When schools temporarily closed, many parents, caregivers and teachers had to respond quickly to balance remote working and childcare or to teach courses online versus in person. To help families navigate this "new normal" and support continuity in children's education, we developed the STEM@CGI At Home program that offers fun STEM-based activity packs for children to do at home.

These resources cover subjects ranging from coding, environmental sustainability, and robotics to data, smart cities and cybersecurity that can be learned through interesting hands-on tasks like building a bot, creating an environment magazine or designing a racing game.

Building the digital workforce of the future

Helping people improve their technical and business literacy is one of the cornerstones of our community programs. We believe nurturing the next generation of technology professionals is critical for the future success of our digital workforce and society. Through our global STEM@CGI initiative, and in partnership with our clients, local schools, government bodies, non-profit and community organizations, we strive to inspire more young people to develop an interest and explore careers in STEM fields.

Many of our programs aim to support people underrepresented in technology fields, including females, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged. For instance, we worked with Cigna to create a STEM camp for students of the American School for the Deaf. In addition, through our Dream Connectors program, our members in France organized robotics competitions for children and in India built a technology lab for the visually impaired.

New activity packs released regularly

STEM@CGI At Home resource packs are regularly released on our website and include activities, remote competition ideas, and links to additional learning materials. The activities are for students aged 6-14 years and are available for download to anyone interested in teaching STEM subjects to students in a home environment. Since the program's launch, our professionals have created 120 resource packs that have been downloaded 14,000 times to date.

Visit the STEM@CGI At Home web page to learn more and to download the activity packs.