Top trends and priorities focus on improving omnichannel customer experiences
through digitization and business-process automation

We spoke with 89 communications and media executives to learn about the trends affecting their businesses and their plans for navigating uncertainty in a highly competitive market. Executives pointed to technology acceleration as the biggest macro trend, becoming digital organizations as their top industry trend, and improving customer experiences and automating business processes as their primary business and IT priorities, respectively.

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Still early days in the cloud evolution
Just 33% say they can manage across multiple cloud providers to a high degree

Digital journey advances
The industry shows growing sophistication in enhanced automation and data initiatives

Improving customer experience is key
It tops business priorities along with data-led personalization

Greater business agility needed
Only 26% say their business model is highly agile for digitization

New offerings are imperative
84% see developing new services and products as a major strategy consideration

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While their digitization strategies are in place, communications and media organizations need to increase their execution progress by 3 times to fully realize their digital goals. When comparing insights from the 32% producing results (digital leaders) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), some striking differences emerge. Among the biggest distinctions are: leaders excel in business-IT alignment, application modernization, cloud migration and high business model agility.

Have highly agile business models to address digitization and integrate new technologies

Better align IT and business operations

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Modernize more of their applications

Modernize more of their applications

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Migrate more of their applications to cloud

Migrate more of their applications to cloud

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants



Focus on evolving advanced automation
to drive digital transformation in zero-touch network-as-a-service operations.


Implement data-driven decisioning
to leverage data engineering and data science for growth.


Digital aspirants: focus on personalization
for better digital customer experiences to close the gap with digital leaders.


Seek more agile business models
to increase reaction speed for industry-wide transformation.


Develop new convergent offerings
leveraging partners and cloud marketplaces.


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