CGI GeoData360 - industrialise your application

Imagine pairs of satellites working in teams to provide observations, each covering hundreds of square kilometres every few days. Now imagine constellations of dozens of small satellites, also working in teams to provide additional observations every day. Imagine a sophisticated range of camera technologies mounted on these satellites providing a diverse mix of observations, of relevance to a wide mix of monitoring requirements. Science fiction? No, it’s already a reality today. Exponential growth in geospatial data availability brings potential for increased insight, but there are challenges to be addressed.

CGI GeoData360 - unlocking the monitoring potential

Clever algorithms and intelligent analytics enable extraction of information, but need to be applied routinely and reliably to underpin services. Big data inputs mean that algorithms and analytics also need to run at scale, and must do so cost efficiently, in order to underpin commercially viable services. Solving these challenges requires substantial processing resources and sophisticated data processing capabilities which can be complex and costly. CGI GeoData360 is our production platform for satellite and geospatial data-enabled products and services. The solution solves common technical challenges for those aiming to exploit the increased potential for insight.

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