The value we deliver

  • Lower operational costs and cost to serve
  • Increased network efficiency and reduced leakage
  • Agile development of innovative business solutions
  • Conservation and savings measures
  • Cost-effective modernization of legacy systems
  • Efficient and productive mobile workforce management
  • Data-driven monitoring and control of assets
  • Asset life cycle value and performance optimization
  • Improved customer experience and customer satisfaction


water utilities


CGI works across the entire value chain of a utility, from production/generation and transmission and distribution operators to utility suppliers and central market operators. We focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients, providing industry-focused consulting, systems integration and managed services, accelerated by intellectual property, to help them navigate the energy transition and remain competitive.

CGI-developed software and methodologies

CGI Central Market Solutions
CGI’s Central Market Solutions primarily are data platforms which exchange all types of data and support market facilitation in a sector with increasing decentralized energy resources. Read more.
CGI MaEVA - Collaborative assistance and video-assisted expertise platform
A video-assisted remote collaboration platform that helps companies across industries, including utilities, manufacturing and oil and gas to resolve operational issues/incidents and improve teamwork. Read more
CGI OpenGrid360 - sustainable future grid
CGI OpenGrid360 is an innovative suite of solutions and services designed to help utility network owners and operators improve data insight and accelerate innovation to support the move to a more flexible and sustainable future grid. It supports the complete network value chain, from asset to outage management and more. Read more
CGI EnvironmentMonitor360 - using space data to monitor waterways
Digitizes the inspection of waterways by using satellite data to map out large areas of waterways, and then a machine-learning model to assess their status automatically. Read more

Services and Technologies

Enabling (Emerging) Technologies


CGI Hidden City - Virtual viewing of underground water pipes or infrastructure, detecting water leakage or waste

Watch our video on transforming Kiruna, Sweden, with help from CGI’s “Hidden City” innovation

Award winning solution from MOSL and CGI (Water Industry Awards) that facilitated the Central Market Operating System for the UK non-household retail water market.

Watch our video to see our journey to create the IT system for the non-household retail water market in England

CGI Dragonfly – more than just a water monitoring system

Watch our video