We combine our own and partner software with high-end consulting, systems integration, business process and IT outsourcing services that transform end-to-end finance operations and deliver results.

CGI helps communications service providers (CSPs) accelerate their digital transformation to gain and retain customers, develop new revenue streams and reduce costs. We focus on the end-to-end needs of our clients, as they move to more customer-centric business models and seek to achieve operational excellence in the digital age.

Accelerate time-to-market with more agile rating and billing systems

CGI helps CSPs quickly adopt agile business solutions that address their fundamental needs in charging and billing to achieve rapid time to market and high levels of automation and performance.

Leverage the new "multi-screen world" to gain market share

CGI is a proven and experienced integration partner for IPTV platforms and services.  We provide efficient development of cost-effective and reliable mobile apps and mobility solutions that deliver high user benefits.

Minimize payment defaults, operational risks and disruptions

We help CSPs save millions of dollars through effective billing and assurance solutions that improve customer insight analytics and collections management.

IoT (M2M)

Improve business processes with predictive maintenance, manage, optimize, and monetize sensor and machine data. Helping clients implement Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms to connect assets and enable the technology behind IoT.

IT Modernization/Digitization

We work with clients to transform their existing applications to reduce their cost of ownership and fulfill their strategic objectives.


Deliver dashboards and analysis where people need them.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturers are looking to enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility and better predict supply and demand. CGI helps clients achieve these goals by maximizing the combined benefits of MES and Industry 4.0 to gather rich insight for operational excellence, continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

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