Communications – Customer experience management

Gain market share by creating a superior customer experience

In a saturated and intensely competitive communications market, monitoring and analyzing the customer experience to meet expectations has become the most important differentiator for communications service providers (CSPs). Creating a great experience is a complex task, involving strategy development, technology integration, business model orchestration and brand and commitment management. With CGI, clients gain superior insight into customers, deliver a superior service experience at optimized cost across all channels and proactively reduce churn, increase customer loyalty and their net-promoter score.

CGI offers customer experience monitoring and management solutions that comprehensively manage your customers' cross-channel exposure and interaction with your company's brand, products and services. With our solutions, you can achieve the following:

  • Monitor, manage and optimize the customer experience
  • Understand customers' expectations of your services
  • Understand user perceptions of your brand, products and services, and implement effective customer retention initiatives
  • Gain unique insight into customer behavior and deliver an excellent customer experience across all touch points and processes
  • Radically decrease customer acquisition cost and improve your customer retention ratio
  • Create efficient and appealing services across all customer touch points
  • Clearly identify customers at any point of contact (Identicate® for telecommunications)
  • Be alerted to unplanned events that reduce consumption of network services and hence, reduce revenue
  • Perform timely diagnosis and resolution
  • Offer number portability to help customers smoothly transition to your service

CGI's IP for customer experience management (CEM)

Drawing upon our experience and know-how, CGI has developed intellectual property in the following areas:

  • Semantic search and discovery
  • Behavior prediction models
  • User experience modeling tools and methodologies
  • Real-time customer experience monitoring
  • Real time customer identification (Identicate® for telecommunications)

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