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Through innovation and service excellence, CGI helps banks move to new business models, transform legacy environments and develop revenue-generating products and services. CGI offers a full spectrum of services in the banking sector, including Retail and Consumer Finance, Corporate and Transaction Banking. 

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Insurers are focused on transforming their operations through digital technologies to drive new products and services, enhance the customer experience and create competitive advantage, while reducing operational costs and achieving greater efficiencies.

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Service providers are facing digital transformation as customer needs and emerging technologies are changing traditional business models. The adoption of technology at the core of their business is unlocking the benefits of direct customer access, automation and new operating models in a competitive market.

We combine our own and partner software with high-end consulting, systems integration, business process and IT outsourcing services that transform end-to-end finance operations and deliver results.

We collaborate closely with clients to help them respond to and capitalize on key trends, including the following:

Digital Transformation

We partner with clients in the following areas to drive true digital transformation.

  • From Digital Day assessment to strategy development
  • Advanced analytics
  • Omni-channel, customer experience management
  • Mobile
  • Automation (including Robotic Process Automation)
  • Emerging technologies (e.g. Blockchain)
Digital Day

Test drive CGI’s digital strategy and transformation approach and gain insights  with respect to your digital strategy, challenges and opportunities.

Data Insights

Data Roadmap, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Governance to simplify data management and realizing value from analytics. 

Big data is becoming a reality for many businesses and government organizations. Those that are successful in leveraging data through analytics are outperforming their peers. Getting more value from data is a key priority, both to gain insights about customers, citizens, employees and operations, and to reduce the costs and complexity of managing ever-growing volumes of data. 

What if your organization could…

  • Improve the customer experience through personalized services and offerings, combining all customer data with real-time social interaction information, to create an actionable understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors.
  • Harvest and use the data created through connected devices to improve business performance and to create innovative consumer services.
Modernizing the bank

Increasing efficiencies and cost savings through transformational outsourcing, cloud computing, re-platforming, automation, IT (application) modernization and SaaS.

Trade Finance & Collections

Bringing together software, business processes, and IT support to deliver a managed services approach to optimize collections with CGI Collections360™.



  • Automation (including robotic process automation)
  • Asset Management
  • Legacy modernization
  • Protect the Bank
  • Payments (modernization, real-time, PSD2)
  • Collections
  • Wealth Management
  • Emerging Technologies

  • In Belgium, we work with 4 of the top 10 banks and 5 of the top 25 (health) insurers.

  • CGI supports 15 of the top 20 banks globally and 19 of the top 20 banks in Europe.

  • We guide a top insurance company on their IT modernization journey through analyzing, improving efficiency and processes (Business Process Modelling).

  • We supported major banks and corporates in Belgium to be SEPA compliant.

  • Out of Belgium, we successfully helped a large (global) financial institution with the SWIFT transaction processing interbank messaging between Europe and US (SWIFT).

  • We deliver Project Management at 2 major Belgian banks to help them understand the regulations they need to comply with (MIFID2).



CGI Collections360

CGI designs and manages leading collections and recovery systems that allow clients to reduce delinquencies and charge offs, automate and streamline the entire credit life cycle, support rapid roll-out of new products and services, and improve customer satisfaction, retention and acquisition.

CGI Hotscan360

With CGI Hotscan360, a comprehensive and versatile risk management platform, financial institutions can scan all of their customer transactions, activities and behaviour in real time, score them and identify possible money laundering and fraud.

CGI Payments360

CGI Payments360 is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services developed by CGI specifically to support transformation across the payment life cycle.

CGI Open Finance

CGI Open Finance is a complete solution for open banking, enabling the integration of traditional banks and their product-centric applications with FinTechs through an innovative API and orchestration layer.

Based on CGI’s digital experience in Financial Services, a successful digital strategy and roadmap focuses on four key pillars:


With increasing pressure on resources and cash, banks are looking for innovative ways to drive efficiencies and move to a lower cost, more agile organization with the right platform in place for adding digital processes and services. CGI is working with banks to transform how they do business, helping them to increase efficiencies and cost savings through transformational outsourcing, cloud computing, re-platforming, automation, IT modernization and SaaS.



CGI is helping banks prepare for the future. This involves more than just providing an impressive front-end; it means ensuring digital is an integral part of the entire customer journey. Through CGI expertise in big data, automation and agile development, we’re helping banks become customer-centric digital enterprises and supporting them in retaining and building customer loyalty digitally.

Becoming digitally customer centric also requires banks to adopt new standards in payments and leverage the opportunities that payments modernization presents.


The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and the open API economy are driving seismic changes in the banking industry. They are opening up the market and giving banks, along their FinTech competitors, the opportunity to develop new service offerings. At the same time, the explosion of new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are creating new ways of doing business in both the retail and corporate banking spaces. Our industry thought leaders are working with banks to make the most of this new world by extending their business into the digital economy, helping them to become digital aggregators, as well as partner with others to ensure their success.


With cyber crime on the rise and a wave of new regulations hitting financial institutions, the protection of customer data and money, as well as business reputation, has never been more important. CGI’s Protect the Bank solutions portfolio and cyber consulting expertise is helping banks to address evolving security challenges and ensure peace of mind.