With the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations face drastic revenue losses resulting in budget cuts and restructuring. In addition to this immediate impact, other short- and long-term economic challenges are pressuring organizations to become agile and adapt their financial decision-making and ...

Your challenges are unique, so why would you choose consultants who offer ready-made solutions? When choosing CGI Business Consulting, you are choosing a partner who is different, free and bold, that will support your organization at every key moment.

Our mission: find the best solution for your organization. Not the most popular, nor the most obvious, but simply the solution that best fits your needs.

If you are ready to step outside of the box, to make bold choices, let’s meet.

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Driving efficiencies, cost savings and profitability through optimisation.

Customers today demand more sustainable products and flexible services from IT. To meet this demand, companies must reassess how they run their IT operations. Leveraging more than 45 years of experience helping clients "run an effective IT shop" we are the driving force behind our clients IT transformations.



Supporting your business in its transformation journey

We help your organization to understand the challenges you’re having or those that technological changes represent, and we support your organisation in your transformation journey in order to capture and provide the best value.

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Understand your organization and its threats

We provide you with the expertise required to understand the business risks that your organisation is facing, and to help you put the necessary tools and measures in place in order to protect your organisation from these threats and prepare your organization adequately.