Due to the pandemic, companies face unprecedented challenges. Drastic revenue losses for many companies have increased the pressure to cut costs, tighten budgets and make tough choices about which programs to continue. While many business consolidation initiatives focus on infrastructure, optimizing IT processes can achieve dramatic cost savings while driving significant business value.

In this new environment, leading companies are striving to anticipate change and act more quickly. Increasing competitive pressure, uncertainty and disruptive transformations, coupled with growing organizational complexity, are forcing companies to rethink their strategies and ways of operating. Undertaking an assessment of your IT costs is the first step to a broader transformation of your financial processes. This critical task will help to carry your organization through the global recession and into the new economic normal.

IT costs are the most difficult to map in a rapidly changing environment. However, a careful assessment will enable your teams to respond to new business demands with speed and agility.

Five dimensions of IT cost optimization

When pursuing IT process excellence to drive efficiencies, cost savings and profitability, we recommend that organizations focus on the following five key dimensions:


At CGI, we understand our clients’ challenges, objectives and priorities. We perform a rigorous assessment of their IT applications and processes, which typically identifies cost savings in the range of 30–60% above other methods.

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