As trusted analytics partner providing end-to-end capabilities, we start with an idea, help turn that idea into action, and then scale it. We value experimentation and learning, and apply human psychology and empathy, enabling us to deliver pragmatic innovation.

With a data strategy that encompasses transactional as well as contextual data, and advanced analytics capabilities that overcome human limitations on curating and understanding data, CGI helps clients realize their full potential. The result is just-in-time analytics to support real-time business decisions.

We work closely with clients locally, while bringing the strength of global insights and capabilities.

CGI DataServices

Every business produces and consumes data. Properly collecting, managing, distributing and securing this data is essential for an organization to meet its strategic and operational objectives, as well as its legal obligations. Your data is your company’s biggest asset. Managing it adequately lays the foundations for any successful Digital Transformation project. CGI DataServices provides your organization with a modular and scalable solution for organizing and sharing your data within and outside of the company. The CGI DataServices solution can be viewed as the essential “data infrastructure” layer that is still lacking in many organizations, and without which the data cannot be used to its full potential.