Our targets and progress

We seek to drive positive change in the world, setting a high standard for responsible business practices and community engagement

Our pro bono target

of business units to implement pro bono projects by 2026

of our business units implemented pro bono projects


Our educational target
Reach twice
as many participants for our education and mentoring programs as CGI Partners*

Target reached

Participants for our education and mentoring programs, representing 2.2 times the number of our CGI Partners*

Promoting education, volunteerism and humanitarian aid

With our global reach and technological expertise comes a profound responsibility to contribute to the wider well-being of society. We foster positive relationships with local communities by creating positive social impact, contributing to their economies, and addressing broader environmental issues.

Our communities strategy includes the following:

  • Ensuring our education, mentoring, and partnership programs advance diversity in IT careers
  • Leveraging our global CGI for Good digital volunteering platform to support our communities and increase the impact of our pro bono and volunteer work
  • Helping communities where we live and work respond to humanitarian crises and emergencies

Fostering volunteer and pro bono activities

CGI for Good, our global volunteering digital tool, empowers our consultants and professionals, and ESG leads to propose local community groups that need support. These volunteering and fundraising opportunities can then be shared with everyone in our organization. Through this exposure, we engage with a larger variety of causes and offer individuals and teams more ways to get involved.

In 2023, CGI Partners* completed 89,837 pro bono and volunteer hours, up from 45,019 hours in 2022.

CGI volunteers

Empowering people through learning

We proudly support education initiatives in the communities where we live and work through programs targeted to the specific needs of local geographies. Our educational programs share three main objectives: promote gender equity and diversity in the talent pipeline, reduce inequalities through digital inclusion, and stimulate local economic growth through collaboration.

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Advancing environmental stewardship

To increase our positive impact in our communities, we encourage our consultants and professionals, and ESG Leads to identify local opportunities to improve the environment.

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CGI volunteers with shovels

Supporting youth safety online

Given the prevalence of technology, we recognize the importance of educating youth on cyber safety and raising awareness of best practices to follow.

Our programs promote responsible internet use and digital literacy through online games, hands-on workshops, awareness campaigns, and a reality escape room. We deliver a wide range of tools, resources, and expertise to help young people safely navigate the online world and make informed decisions about their digital presence.

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*CGI Partner is a designation that expresses our unique culture of ownership and applies to our consultants and professionals in every role and every title within the company.