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With the help of Ukrainian testers, Ukrainian children can now learn about cybersecurity while playing the Spoofy game

CGI is proud to have created one of the first cybersecurity games aimed at educating children about the dangers of the internet. With the constant rise in cyber threats, it is essential to teach children cybersecurity principles, such as the importance of strong passwords or identifying potential online dangers. However, there are few resources available that focus on this crucial area of education, and even fewer of those do so in a fun way. For this reason, CGI Lithuania is delighted to see the Lithuanian version of Spoofy already used in schools and can't wait for a chance to invite all Ukrainian children to join the Spoofy heroes on their cybersecurity missions. The fun and engaging game for children presents different scenarios and challenges to help teach the little ones about online dangers.

Thanks to our Ukrainian friends and testers Julia and Oksana, Spoofy has been localized to fit the Ukrainian cultural context. Testers have confirmed that the game will help all children, regardless of their nationality or spoken language. When asked about their cybersecurity education, they acknowledged that the cybersecurity concept was explained neither in school nor in their social lives: while growing up, they had only played games about using computers. So during the localization process, the professionals involved in the project also had a lot to learn. They emphasized lessons on the importance of seeking permission before posting images of others and the guidelines for creating strong passwords, which are important for people of any age.

Lithuanian project manager Šarūnė explains that CGI Lithuania aims to see the game used in the education system in Lithuania to raise awareness about cybersecurity and spread a positive message. The Ukrainian version will give Spoofy a second boost, significantly growing its audience. Although it is impossible to protect children from everything, raising awareness about cybersecurity and the people who may want to harm them online is the first step towards a brighter future, which is one of CGI's core values.

This game is another addition to the company's efforts in helping the community and educating children to become a happy, safe, and technologically-aware generation that can easily adapt to the new digital reality. Spoofy is an essential tool in achieving this goal, and CGI Lithuania hopes that more children will have the opportunity to benefit from the game's lessons.