Continuously adding value to space

Our global space experience dates back to the early 1970s, with our first contract awarded for satellite navigation. For decades, we’ve been a strategic partner to clients worldwide that are revolutionizing the space industry.

Today, we deliver secure, mission-critical space systems to address fast-changing demands, with focused expertise in satellite communications, navigation and operations, as well as Earth observation, cybersecurity and space applications.

We take pride in the role we’ve played in the space industry’s success. The below infographic takes you on the journey of our space achievements.

CGI in space

* in German

  • 2000 (UK) – Supply image acquisition system for Japan’s MTSAT weather satellites
  • 2003 (UK) - Supply enterprise, service and network management systems for Skynet 5 satcom
  • 2003 (UK) - Design ground segment and security system for Galileo satnav system
  • 2005 (UK) - Support mission-control system and host space simulator for Cassini-Huygens probe on Titan
  • 2005 (Germany) - Provide mission control system and maintenance services for Venus Express launch
  • 2006 (Estonia, UK) - Begin development of security infrastructure for Galileo satnav system
  • 2008 (Germany) - Help develop payload data segment for ESA GOCE gravity measuring satellite
  • 2009 (UK) - Develop ESA GlobWave system for maritime research
  • 1994 (Germany) - Help develop SCOS-1, ESA’s 3rd gen. mission control system
  • 1995 (UK) - Develop SCTV trajectory monitoring system for Ariane launches
  • 1997 (UK) - Provide onboard software for Cassini-Huygens probe launched and landed on Titan
First space project in 1974
  • 1974 (UK) - Help develop Meteorological Information Extraction Centre
  • 1978 (Germany) - Begin 40+ years supporting ESA flight dynamics software and operations
  • 1989 (UK) - Design ground segment for Envisat satellite