CGI Danmark A/S is following CGI Group's procurement policies and processes in order to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Please note these important operational specifications:

Pre commitment purchase orders - how to

  • CGI is working with 'pre commitment' purchase orders instead of 'post commitment' invoice approval
  • Purchase orders will not be approved without a valid quote for each purchase
  • The quote should include your bank payment details as well as your name and address
  • Only purchase orders with an authorized CGI order number (PO DK001-xxxxxxxxxx) may be accepted by our suppliers
  • Quote and invoice must contain complete CGI name and address: CGI Danmark A/S, Lautrupvang 4B, DK-2750 Ballerup
  • VAT no (SE/CVR): 63890812
  • All supplier invoices/credit notes and any associated documents (packing list, maintenance agreements, software licenses, etc.) must reference the corresponding CGI order number, as described above
  • Billing details (unit price/line item breakdown) must be in strict accordance with the CGI order document
  • Billing instructions must be framed as described in the “Bill To” section of the order (e.g. exact Legal Entity Description and billing address)
  • Please note CGI's standard payment terms: 45 days
  • Invoices without a valid purchase order number will be rejected and returned to you
  • For partial deliveries we expect one single invoice, corresponding to the purchase order


We accept and receive invoices/credit notes electronically

  • Electronic invoices received in OIOUBL format via the GLN/EAN number 5790001266240. See specifications below: here it is specified how CGI’s purchase order number must be indicated.
  • PDF invoices via e-mail must be sent to E-mails to this address must only contain PDF invoices, ie. no additional information/specifications, no other attachments, etc. Any specifications for invoice must be in the same PDF document as the invoice itself.
  • Credit notes must always include/ refer to its respective invoice number.
  • Invoices to CGI Denmark A/S via mail must only include one invoice + documentation ( if necessary) per PDF. Note that texts will not be read as the email: is a scanning adress.


Payments: regular bank payments and FIK payments type 71

  • CGI will only be able to make payments as regular bank payments or as FIK payments of FIK type 71. Payments to other FIK types will be carried out as regular bank payments. Quotes and invoices must contain the necessary information to pay through one of these methods.


Follow this process to minimize the risk of delays

Your compliance with these operational specifications will minimize the risk of delays for matching and processing invoices, and will reduce the number of invoice-related issues associated with the payment of your services/products.

Please note these examples of things that may delay the process:

  • The total amount of the invoice exceeds the purchase order
  • The unit price on the invoice does not match the purchase order unit price
  • The volume of goods received does not match the purchase order volume
  • The invoice currency does not match the purchase order currency
  • CGI’s legal entity (CGI Danmark A/S) does not match the purchase order
  • CGI’s billing address on your invoice does not match the purchase order


Specifications for electronic invoices - positioning special information

In order to properly process the invoices, it is important that the above mentioned information is placed in the electronic format, as described below:

When submitting OIOXML invoice/credit note

OIOXML field
CGI's purchase order number
Invoice - ReferencedOrder - BuyersOrderID
CGI contact
Invoice - BuyerParty - BuyerContact - ID
Alternatively CGI's order number and CGI contact can be written in the same field
Invoice - BuyerParty - BuyerContact - ID

When submitting OIOUBL invoice/credit note

OIOUBL field
CGI's purchase order number
Invoice - OrderReference - ID
CGI contact
Invoice - AccountingCustomerParty - Party - Contact-ID
Alternatively CGI's order number and CGI contact can be written in the same field
Invoice - AccountingCustomerParty - Party - Contact-ID


Can we help you?

If you have queries for the above policies and processes, please don't hesitate to contact us.

CGI is committed to maintaining strong and mutually beneficial relationships with each of our vendors. All your questions concerning our accounts payable can be reached through the mail and, our team will reach you back quickly with answers.