Top trends and priorities focus on improving care and reducing costs

We met with 76 health executives to understand their top priorities and how they plan to navigate these uncertain times. Healthcare executives cite budget pressures due to aging populations as the highest impact industry trend, while their top business priority is improving the patient experience via compliance and home support. Changing social demographics is the most impactful macro trend, reflecting related pressures on healthcare systems globally. Discover executives’ top trends, priorities and more.

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Demographic shifts matter
cite high impacts of aging populations and talent shortages

Budget pressure solutions are needed
#1 trend
related to aging populations was #3 in impact last year

Quality data is essential
cite data quality as a top data improvement area over the next 3 years

Use of cloud is growing
rely on cloud-based solutions, up from 35% in 2022

Improving care is the top priority
#1 business priority
requires digitization and automation (#1 IT priority)

2023 CGI VOC health

While 23% of executives are producing expected results from their digital strategies, progress has slowed in healthcare, dropping from 28% in 2022. When comparing insights from the 23% producing results (digital leaders) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), common attributes emerge.

Digital leaders in healthcare have agile business models and aligned business and IT operations as levers to advance their digital transformation.

Health digital attribute 1

Have highly agile business model to address digitization and integrate new technologies

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Health digital attribute 2

Experience fewer
legacy system

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Health digital attribute 3

Closely align business and IT organizations to support strategy execution

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants



Align business and IT operations
to accerate your strategy and priorities


Re-evaluate your digital strategy
to modernize legacy systems and improve the quality of data


Extend the scope of your digital strategy
to include your external ecosystem and value chain


Increase automation use and sophistication
to aid in process improvement


Invest to attract and retain IT talent
to address changing social demographics and digital acceleration impacts


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