Johan Astborg
Johan Astborg

Modernize and containerize your applications

24. august 2022 By moving applications to the cloud, you can fully utilize the benefits. However, to do this, the applications often need to be modernized. Older monolithic applications have a completely different structure with long life cycles. They are rarely updated, so...

Jonas Kristensen
Jonas Kristensen

Landingsomkostninger i Dynamics 365 FO: En ofte overset mulighed

12. august 2022 Landingsomkostninger (landed cost) er et af modulerne i Dynamics 365-platformen. Modulet gør det muligt at håndtere fragt fra leverandører til eget lager - både finansielt og logistisk, så ejerskab af varer kan overgå mens de stadig er undervejs. Funktionen skal...

Michael Zakarias
Michael Zakarias

Making a cloud application portfolio assessment

16. juni 2022 To compete in today’s game, organizations must ensure cloud plays a vital role in their strategy. Many organizations are also currently moving to the cloud because of its scalability, economy, enabler of innovation and reach. However, migrating to the cloud...

Jens Christian Volhøj

Keeping personal and financial data secure when moving to the cloud

14. juni 2022 Moving to the cloud or outsourcing your infrastructure offers a variety of benefits - no question about it. However, it also induces some risks, especially in regards of data protection. It requires a serious, meticulous and thoroughly planned process. In...

Jonas Kristensen
Jonas Kristensen

Take advantage of Planning Optimization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

07. juni 2022 Microsoft has moved the Master planning function outside of D365 FO to increase the performance of master planning. This will improve planning by 1) shorter runtime, 2) reduced impact on other processes, and 3) higher planning capacity to manage more...

Rene lykkeskov
Rene Lykkeskov

Journey to a World-Class IT

28. april 2022 In a business climate marked by constant change and increasing economic and competitive pressure, executives today seek to increase business agility, advance their digital journey, and drive shareholder value. Despite the increasing urgency to digitally transform the organization, most businesses...

Kit Jeppesen CGI Profile
Kit Jeppesen

Er din Dynamics AX klar til de nye intrastat regler?

14. januar 2022 Den 1. januar trådte en ny EU-lovgivning i kraft, som har betydning for virksomheders indberetninger om deres import og eksport til EU-landenes nationale statistikmyndigheder via Intrastat. For en række mindre importører og eksportører bliver indberetningsbyrden lettet, fordi beløbsgrænserne for, hvornår...

Henrik Andersson
Henrik Andersson

Becoming data-driven pays off - But how do you get there?

13. januar 2022 Today C-level executives and decision-makers need to navigate a variety of buzzwords. One of the most interesting, with the most significant potential, if you ask me, is to become a data-driven organization. Being a data-driven organization is primarily associated with...

Greger Wikstand

How to overcome obstacles in your digitization

04. november 2021 Digitization has the potential to dramatically disrupt companies, organizations, and the way we live and work. As a result, many organizations strongly focus on digitization to develop new business models and sharpen their competitive advantages. However, for many companies, digitalization...