Reinventing for a digital and sustainable future

Following a year of unprecedented disruption, it is evident that transport and logistics companies need to reinvent themselves to stay competitive in the marketplace. The combined impact of the pandemic and the growing impetus to accelerate digitization and address sustainability requires investment in new partnerships, technologies and digital business models.

In this new digital future, becoming data-driven is key. At the same time, legacy systems and infrastructure require a renewed focus on modernization and business process improvements to achieve expected results from digital transformation. This year, executives foresee a greater reliance on managed IT services as well as cloud technologies to optimize operations, reduce costs and become more agile.

Key findings from our conversations with transportation and logistics executives in 2021 follow, or you may download the PDF.

Top trends and industry priorities

Top trends
  1. Becoming digital organizations
  2. Driving new partnerships, technologies and business models
  3. Investing in analytics to improve visibility of assets
Top business priorities
  1. Optimize today’s operations
  2. Improve the customer experience
  3. Transform the business
Top IT priorities
  1. Digitize and automate business processes
  2. Drive IT modernization
  3. Protect through cybersecurity


feel strongly that environmental sustainability is core to creating future value for customers
say digitization is impacting their organization’s business models to a high degree
say they are producing expected results from their digital strategies

Transportation and logistics executives cite slow progress with producing expected results from digitization strategies, with 19% achieving such results in 2021. In examining the insights from this 19% who are digital leaders, some common attributes emerge. The table compares responses to questions from the digital leaders to those whose organizations are still building or launching digital strategies. Learn more about the attributes of digital leaders.

Common attributes of digital leaders

Executives producing
results from
digital strategies

Executives building
or launching
digital strategies

Modernize more of their applications



Migrate more solutions to the cloud



Better align business and IT priorities



Are more sensitive to data privacy laws



More often run a secure IT environment



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