Monitor and Protect

Why do companies choose to outsource their security to a Managed Cyber Security Services Provider (MSSP)? Our clients tell us that it is becoming harder for them to build a strong team of cyber security specialists as the demand and costs for these scarce skills skyrockets.

To operate with success, your cyber team needs access to advanced monitoring, correlation and analysis tools and they need the latest local and global information sources to predict and prevent cyber threats. They also need to understand attackers - from espionage teams, to cyber criminals, to hacktivists.

Managing this in-house is becoming increasingly difficult and increasingly expensive. Our outsourced IT and OT cyber security managed services help our clients protect their organisations and manage their costs.

Peace of mind to focus on your business

As an experienced managed cyber security services provider (MSSP), via our Melbourne based Security Operation’s Centre (SOC), CGI provides clients with the expertise and capabilities required to implement and operate highly secure infrastructures.

Our services include:

  • Protective monitoring - Intrusion protection, encryption, log and firewall management
  • Advanced threat investigation – malware analysis, network traffic analysis, security analytics and digital forensics
  • Incident response – identify, contain, eradicate, recovery and follow up. Globally our Security Operating Centres (SOC) handle hundreds of millions of cyber events a day.

Our managed cyber security services Australia will help you protect all aspects of the enterprise from cyber security threats, and operate with confidence. Talk with a cyber security managed services specialist today to discuss your specific needs.


Discuss your Managed Security Needs

Space Cyber Security

CGI Global and Australian SOCs deploy advanced solutions to provide round-the-clock monitoring, end-to-end protection, real-time reporting and immediate action on suspicious activity.

Cyber threat intelligence
  • Corporate digital footprint analysis
  • Personal digital footprint analysis
  • Cyber threat detection and response management
  • Review detection and response solution
  • Architect and design detection and response solution
  • Management of detection and response solution
  • Detection use case development
  • Onshore 24/7 security controls monitoring
Cyber security testing and physical security testing
  • IT and OT facilities physical security assessments
  • Cyber Security Penetration Testing
  • Secure code analysis
  • Red team exercises
  • External network assessment
  • Web and mobile application testing
  • Web services testing
  • Phishing exercises
Access management
  • Identity and access reviews
  • Review and design role-based access controls
  • Privileged access management systems implementation and management
Management solution
  • Vulnerability cyber security assessment and programme management
  • Configuration assessment and management
  • Patch management
Cyber security vulnerability management
  • Review, design and implementation of a cyber security vulnerability management plan