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Implementing CAI enables Konica Minolta to optimize their business processes while also offering their customers a better experience through faster and more efficient interactions. Within Konica Minolta Europe, CAI was first adopted in countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom, and later in the Benelux.

The challenge

Each Konica Minolta country had its own approach and focus on its own challenges. For example, Konica Minolta Germany and the United Kingdom independently implemented CAI to optimize their respective processes. In these countries this resulted in working with different technologies and teams, each with a different approach. CGI knows out of experience that this not only causes organizations to lose control of their bot landscape but also to fragmented processes that limit scalability within the organization.

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The solution

To prevent Konica Minolta from losing control over its bot landscape and solution scalability, CGI first analyzed the actual problem and how CAI could provide a solution. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was then created to define the challenge and list all technical requirements, such as integrations, language support, and data privacy, and how various CAI platforms score on these points.

The results

By selecting the right central technology, CGI has ensured that Konica Minolta regains control over its bot landscape and has helped find a scalable solution that can grow with future use cases. In addition to assisting in selecting the right technology, CGI also helps with its implementation. Another chatbot is now live, supporting the Konica Minolta BPO helpdesk in Romania by answering questions about invoice status. CGI organized a hackathon with the business and IT to experiment with Generative AI and create new potential use cases for Konica Minolta.

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