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Vilius Čiulada

Director, Consulting Delivery

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What should be the strategy for Digital transformation journey or Insurance companies? I really support that idea that was expressed by one of the participants of Tia Community Conference 2019 that long term strategy for insurers should be connectors like ChatBots to all devices as at this moment we do not know what channels will be used in 5-10 years’ time. Will it be mobile app, self-service portal or brain sensing device?

Gartner predicts that by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and conversational user interfaces, we are increasingly likely to interact with a bot (and not know it) than ever before. The digital experience has become addictive by entering our lives through smartphones, tablets, virtual personal assistants (VPAs) or the entertainment systems in our homes and cars.

However, today’s Chatbots continue to have certain limitations, including the inability to remember conversations, making decisions and responding to a change in context. 

Driving transformation in this area CGI homegrown Chatbot called SOFIA is a platform framework hybrid that can help clients reduce Contact center costs and increase its efficiency moving customers and internal employees further with their Digital Transformation Journey.

SOFIA, a virtual service agent framework with an agent builder studio making up to 80% faster implementation than any other platform. Up to 40% reduction on effort in new bot building or training human operators is an outstanding figure.

SOFIA’s Microbot Architecture / Bot2bBot shows brilliant consulting and self-building capabilities. Keeps on auto suggesting your next query better every. SOFIA’s REST connectors can be deployed to complete fast integration of Chatbots for the clients.

Blazing fast deployment of enterprise chatbots

Built for Large Scale Enterprise Deployment of ChatBots can be hosted either on premise or on cloud. SOFIA is able to builds Bots in 21 Languages and supported for 60+ Languages with 3rd Party AI Translations Services. It has wide integration possibilities to connect it with A.I ecosystem for vision or spoken skills as well as 3rd Party Apps or RPA Bots.

SOFIA can read documents and build bots automatically

Sofia creates SME & Manager Bots, which works as a Hive Mind. Bots consult among themselves and answer your questions. Manager Bot keeps conversations On Sync across all channels.

In my next blog, I will share best practices for robotic process automation in your organization and provide some tips how digitally transform critical processes one interconnected step at a time. Meanwhile, I invite you do visit our Artificial Intelligence page and learn more.

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Vilius Čiulada

Vilius Čiulada

Director, Consulting Delivery

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