Annually, through the Voice of Our Clients program, CGI leaders around the world meet with current and new clients on a range of strategic topics affecting their enterprises. The findings from our interviews provide a unique view into how macro and industry trends affect executives’ business and IT priorities and investment plans.

Participating in these conversations gives you access to insights to inform your organizations’ investments, strategies and actions to better meet the needs of your customers and citizens. By participating, you’ll have access to:

  • The top trends and business and IT priorities across our global client base in your industry, as well as related industries
  • Leading practices from industry peers in meeting business objectives and generating customer value and enhancing citizen services    
  • Benchmarking data anonymized among peers across industries and geographies on topics including digital strategies, business agility, automation, cloud and cybersecurity

To participate or know more about the Voice of our Clients program, please contact us for more details. 



CGI industry leaders share the value of the Voice of Our Clients


Jamie Holland

“We’re listening to a wide range of clients, assessing market dynamics and gathering data they can then use in setting the right course for their businesses.” Jamie Holland, Senior Vice-President, Canada Financial Markets
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Tina Meadows

“VOC conversations equip clients with global perspectives that answer questions like, ‘How do my top investments compare to my peers and what other priorities should I consider?’” Tina Meadows, Vice-President, Consulting Services
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Christian Haeger

"The VOC program enables high-quality conversations with clients around trends, challenges and priorities, resulting in their ability to take concrete actions.” Christian Haeger, Vice-President, Global Industry Lead for Retail, Consumer & Services
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Lorraine Joyes

“Our VOC program delivers highly unique IT and business alignment data that enables clients to identify and bridge gaps.”Lorraine Joyes, Vice-President, BNP Paribas account
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James Peake

“The greatest value of the Voice of Our Clients is having strategic conversations together with our clients.” James Peake, Senior Vice-President, CGI Federal
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Helena Jochberger

"With more economic disruptions anticipated this year, VOC conversations provide critical insights that can help our clients make better-informed decisions to support growth and resiliency.” Helena Jochberger, Vice-President, Global Industry Lead for Manufacturing
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Peter Warren

“Voice of Our Clients conversations go beyond surface value, highlighting complex nuances of cause and effect that enable leaders to think and act differently.” Peter Warren, Vice-President, Global Industry Lead for Energy & Utilities
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Sample our insights from the following publications:

  • Industry findings and recommendations
    Browse our industry-specific reports on our Voice of Our Clients landing page.
  • Attributes of digital leaders
    Read our analysis of the data of executives whose organizations are producing results from their digital strategies to learn the common attributes of these digital leaders.
  • Rich knowledge-base for benchmarking
  • Over the past 5 years, we have held 8,000 strategic conversations with business and IT leaders, collecting more than 1 million data points. Our comprehensive knowledge-base provides deep insights you can act on to drive greater value across your organization and in service to your customers or citizens.   

To request a briefing on our global, industry or regional insights, please contact us.