Each year, we gather executive views on the trends affecting their organizations and industries, along with their business and IT priorities. Through our CGI Voice of Our Clients research, we analyze these findings to provide  actionable insights by industry—based on facts, not hype—to benchmark best practices.

Our anonymized knowledge-base reflects insights from more than 8,000 client conversations across 21 industries in countries representing the majority of the world’s IT spend across all economic sectors. It comprises 1 million data points from an average of 1,700 executive interviews each year, of which 46% are business executives and 54% are IT executives.

We offer comparisons for benchmarking purposes based on these insights, by country and economic sector, around macro and industry trends, business priorities, and IT directions and priorities, including IT spending (operating expenses as well as capital investments). This can include a discussion of an organization's relevant positioning on topics such as digital, data and cybersecurity strategies and initiatives, innovation investments, business and IT alignment, human capital, and more. We look forward to discussing with you more insights you can act on.