Currently, cyber-attacks are considered to be one of the biggest threats in the business world. Globally an average company experiences several cyber-attacks every month - either knowingly or unknowingly. Many of these attacks happen without anyone noticing them, or by the time they are in the headlines.

Many businesses have lost their entire market value just by leaking their valuable data. On the other hand, more businesses have gained value by properly protecting themselves. Actually, cybersecurity is one of the most valuable market differentiators right now.

At CGI, we are committed to help you gain control of Cybersecurity. Our Security Operations Center continuously monitor your ICT environment. We monitor and analyze your event stream in accordance with the current global threat landscape. When a suspected threat is found, we first eliminate the false alarms, and when the threat is real, we immediately take care of it and prepare for the next possible threat. Through our global network of SOCs, we have a 360-degree view of threats across sectors and different geographical locations.

Download our Take control with Cybersecurity brochure to learn more. If you want to experience how our highly skilled cybersecurity professionals help you gain control of your cybersecurity, get in touch.


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