Modern enterprises depend on trusted data for AI, analytics, and data science to drive deeper insights and business value. With intelligent and automated data management, you can take advantage of cloud data warehouses and cloud data lakes to gain efficiencies, cost savings, and scale to succeed.

Join us to hear from thought leaders and innovators on key topics:

  • Integrate and access any data for analytics, enterprise AI and machine learning initiatives
  • Increase ROI, lower risk, and future proof your multi-cloud environment with data integration, data quality and governance, and metadata management - built on an AI-powered, intelligent data platform
  • Automate data pipelines across cloud ecosystems, ensuring data quality, and continually ingesting huge volumes of data
  • Effectively operationalize your AI/ML models with trusted data pipelines
  • Hear the latest research on why alternative solutions, such as hand coding and point solutions, sets you up for failure - with an increase in costs of up to 200%