Business in High Tech is in a way best characterized by dedication and drive for continuous innovation with clients and partners, combined with the obligation to service even long after commercial retirement of most products. This requires holistic lifecycle traceability of all relevant product information which spans from ideation, identification, co-design, sales, solution recombination, manufacturing of products over multiple sites including all relevant equipment, packaging, shipping, solution assembly support and service.

To improve existing industrial data management practice one of our clients asked us to come up with efficient but value driven approach.

CGI experts involved for years in the High Tech domain started working with client’ IT staff involving departments across the business for a Proof of Value (PoV) focused around number of business metrics, showcasing both feasibility and value to be expected.

The promising outcome of exploring and co-creating first steps to improve relevant insights and value was the basis for a now fully industrial engineering master data management solution architected, developed and implemented by CGI.

“Working with CGI we enable global operations to optimize our business, based on quality master data and shared insights.”

Vice President Global IT

Bringing stakeholders together across the business co-creating initial set up has paid off. There’s more detailed insights and transparency across operations brings diverse set of benefits the wider business ecosystem can keep exploiting.

About CGI in High Tech

In an increasingly data-driven world, CGI enables the industry collect, distribute, share and analyse information to make decisions based on real-time data and predictive analytics to create new business value. With deep industry and technology expertise, our consultants work with you to improve business agility so you can drive efficiencies and reduce costs as you continue to advance your strategic goals.

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