CGI Powerhouse of Java – We are proud to have our first Java Bootcamp up and running

We welcomed the participants on 1st of march – a diverse and talented group of people following their passion to become Java developers.
We are thrilled to have a great group of people from three different countries; Sweden, Denmark and Norway,  who now are part of our Powerhouse of Java.
The bootcamp offers 12 weeks of focused studies and an accelerated learning model. Our participants will learn all the basics of Java necessary to take on the role as a full stack junior developer with us.

    The comprehensive learning plan includes:

    • Responsive and interactive Web pages 
    • Build and test front-end Single Page Applications 
    • Build RESTful API & Microservices 
    • Work with SQL & NoSQL DB 
    • Build Test automation (TDD/BDD)
    • Work in a CI/CD environment 
    • Apply coding practices and software engineering discipline 
    • Test and Deploy application in a Cloud environment  

    The Powerhouse of Java offers:

    • Training for experienced Java consultants
    • Java bootcamps to develop early careers and to reskill those with an interest of working with Java development
    • A strong Java community within CGI where our consultants grow together and form the future of the practice
    • Career and personal development
    • Interesting / innovative client projects where you can make an impact and change the society we live in
    • A global arena with local presence with the opportunity to grow in responsibility, try new roles and see new contexts
    • An ownership culture where all our members can contribute to build a company we can be proud of

    Share your profile and we will contact you directly to tell you more about our exciting opportunities.

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    Citat från våra members

    Teodoro Orlow Wey

    Teodoro Orlow Wey
    Why did you choose to work at CGI?

    Because I like the good atmosphere, the assignments are interesting and the overall benefits are very good. 

    What are the benefits of working as a developer at CGI?

    I can work with the latest technologies and most important tools in the IT market.

    What do you love most about being a Java developer?

    I like Java mainly because the language is intuitive and versatile. The Java community is large and friendly. 

    Also, most of the new platforms and frameworks support Java development.  

    How long have you worked as a developer?

    I have 4 years of experience working as a Java developer. 

    Tell us about the projects that you have been involved in/are currently working with?

    I am responsible for development and maintenance of a key function at a public client using different integration platforms.

    Aase Merethe Pettersen

    Aese Merethe Petterssen
    Why did you choose to work at CGI?

     I am currently in my 14th year at CGI. During these years I have had the opportunity to work with experienced colleagues in a variety of projects and client industries, which has increased my knowledge and technology expertise.

    What are the benefits of working as a developer at CGI?

    As a developer in CGI you get the opportunity to work with a great diversity of clients, both in the private and public sector. The public sector is currently undergoing major modernization. It is exciting to be a part of this digitalization.

    What do you love most about being a Java developer?

     What I love about being a java developer is creating solutions that help and bring value to the clients. To do that you need to understand the business of the clients and be able to convert it into beautiful code. 

    How long have you worked as a developer?

    I have worked as a developer since 2002, and as a consultant since 2007.

    Tell us about the projects that you have been involved in/are currently working with?

    In my current project, I am working with a solution for screening of cancer. In this project client confidentiality and security is of high importance as well as reliability of collection of test results.

    Morten Jacobsen

    Morten Jacobsen
    Why did you choose to work at CGI?

    CGI offers a good working environment with a great work-life balance, where you are not expected to continually work overtime. Moreover, there are opportunities to work on a large range of projects/technologies to suit your interests. There is generally a lot of respect and trust placed on the members to carry out their work, and I feel like everyone is considered equally regardless of our individual titles/roles.

    What are the benefits of working as a developer at CGI?

    There is a lot of trust placed on developers to put their own fingerprint on the technical solution. Depending on the project and scope, it is possible to work both on regular development, architecture, deployment etc. I have worked both as regular developer and lead developer for a team of multiple people, as well as architect on some systems. There is freedom to pursue roles that interest you and management tries to accommodate your wishes to the extent that is possible.

    What do you love most about being a Java developer?

    I like building things and solving problems, whether that is implementing complex business logic, solve performance problems or build solid and secure systems. Usually the systems we build can get quite complex in terms of business logic because some of it is tied directly to legislation, and I like figuring out how to fit those requirements into the design and architecture.

    How long have you worked as a developer?

    I have been with CGI for just over 10 years. I was hired right after university. Before that I had some student jobs as developer in a freelance capacity.

    Tell us about the projects that you have been involved in/are currently working with?

    I am a part of the public business unit in Denmark, which means we support and develop a wide range of case management systems, reporting solutions etc. for the Danish government. They may help enforce legislation in Denmark - fx. If a business is required to report environmental data.

    I have been a part of a range of projects for quite distinct governmental ministries in DK. Each have quite varied legislation to enforce, so the system and domain knowledge is quite different, as well as different technical challenges to overcome.

    Working as a consultant at CGI means a varied everyday life

    You can work in smaller, short-term projects and larger projects with longer time frames. We mainly from work CGI's local offices, but also at our clients' sites. We work individually and in teams, always using proven methods and models based on industry standards. CGI always put users and accessibility in focus, helping our clients take advantage of the digital world's many opportunities. With CGI, you get the opportunity to work with both public and private clients.

    The combination of global and local presence

    With offices in 40+ locations in Scandinavia, we are always close to our clients - and you always have an office near you. In combination with flexible working hours, you can have the optimum work/life balance as well as great career opportunities.
    You can be specialist in your field of work, broaden yourself in new areas or take a leading position. Through our internal networks and projects in global and national industries, we offer you competence development and committed leaders who support your in your development

    At CGI, we know that success is moving forward together

    Our employees are our most important asset. Therefore, we offer all our employees to become shareholders in CGI via our share purchase program. Through co-ownership, everyone gets the opportunity to influence the company we own together, and we all get to take part in the value we create together.