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What is Data-Driven Manufacturing?

With Industry 5.0 taking shape, manufacturers’ stakeholders want them to evolve beyond using technology solely for profit to using it to become responsible leaders for the future. Additionally, current economic conditions, geopolitical disruptions, and a scarce supply of modern skills and talent have accelerated the need to transform.

Data-Driven Manufacturing (DDM) is our unique 4-step approach that aligns business objectives with data strategies and solutions to transform data into actionable insight. It helps implement a digital continuum that enables highly productive teams, processes and systems built to adapt and evolve.

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4 steps to implementing successful data strategies within your manufacturing environment

Align data strategy to business value

Manage your data as a strategic asset

Raise your enterprise intelligence

Ensure organizational readiness

Gain strategic and operational insights to navigate the future

As a data-driven manufacturer operating a digital factory, your decisions are based on facts rather than intuition alone. You benefit from acting as a unified organization—across the entire business value chain and the wider ecosystem. You can implement and advance industrial IOT, cloud and automation initiatives, while your teams innovate and communicate better.  

In speaking with clients as part of the Voice of Our Clients program, we found that manufacturers who use data for strategic and operational insights:

  • Outpace their peers, both in competitive advantage and more effective operations
  • Optimize operations through enhanced monitoring, collaboration and innovation
  • Take preemptive action to future-proof additional change and are better positioned to realize their strategic objectives
  • Balance growth and sustainability with insight-led innovation, moving toward Industry 5.0 approaches to use technology to become responsible leaders of the future.
  • Build stronger internal and external ecosystem collaborations to enjoy win-win benefits with new, and sometimes unlikely, partners.
  • Retain and attract new talent by developing a culture that offers employees a career with a future-driven purpose.
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As a trusted partner for your transformation, we provide a powerful combination of industry, data, technology and change management expertise and the scale of a global partner to help you implement data initiatives that ensure relevancy and resiliency. We offer:

A proven approach

Our unique 4-step approach helps you holistically transform while balancing competing priorities.

Scale that matters

We have 6000+ manufacturing experts and an extensive global delivery network supported by local relationships.


We provide cross-industry and technology expertise and insights to understand the importance of data and technology and their relationship to business value and sustainability.

Tailored-made journey

We develop processes to help you transform at the right pace, with the right skills, at the right cost.