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Our full-service offerings for the retail and consumer services industries is underpinned by a large portfolio of CGI-developed solutions. These software applications, reusable frameworks and delivery methods represent years of investment in capturing our industry and technology expertise. Read more about our solutions.

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As the pace of change speeds up, we believe it has never been more crucial for retail organizations to understand customer expectations for best price, convenience, and product and service value to build resilience, increase agility, and reduce costs to fund transformation.

Depending on your digital maturity, retail organizations must look to prioritize the right levers to survive and thrive, including:

  • Strengthening product offering, pricing and assortment strategies
  • Improving customer convenience
  • Enhancing agility from end-to-end and reducing costs

We offer insights and recommendations for retail organizations to create differentiated value faster through relevant innovation, agility and cost reduction. 

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