New Frontier in the Payments Industry

Request-to-Pay (RTP) can significantly change the way payments are made within Europe. From November 2020, this new standard will expand future payment transactions by enabling a payee to actively trigger a payment request to a payer. Companies and also banks expect all kinds of advantages and added value from this new element for retail payments.

Our white paper will answer the following key questions:

  • What is RTP and what are its advantages?
  • Who can use RTP and what do processing models look like?
  • Which use cases are possible in physical and digital commerce?
  • How does RTP work as an API within the payment landscape?
  • What could a new strategic agenda for Europe look like?

As a highlight in the white paper you will find a meta-architecture model how a European payment system with API management and request-to-pay could work and contribute to the European Retail Payments Strategy Agenda.

The white paper also provides suggestions for discussion and helps companies to reflect on the challenges ahead.