The payment processing industry is mainly influenced by the increasing demands for automation, efficiency, and speed of all processes. CGI offers comprehensive coverage in this area – from consulting services to specific products and solutions for payment processing, to outsourcing.

The issue of payment processing concerns not only banks and financial institutions, but basically all organizations. We have successfully implemented several payment processing systems at the world's largest banks and large corporations.

In the case of banks and financial institutions, these are mainly implementations of centralized solutions that ensure complex processing of a high volume of payment transactions, both domestic (crown) and international – euro and non-euro. In terms of processing speed, it is about supporting standard or instant (instant) payment schemes.

The All Payments product, which CGI develops and implements in this area, meets the highest demands in terms of speed, complexity and security of transaction processing and provides a modern platform for processing all types of payments for any financial institution.

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Domestic payments

CGI has been supporting national payment schemes (ACH, RTGS) since its early days in this domain. The portfolio of supported schemes has been continuously expanded and today the list includes countries in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. At the same time, we are ready to provide support for a scheme in a new location at short notice, according to the needs of a specific customer.


CGI can be described as a leader on the Czech and Slovak markets in processing transactions that meet SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) standards. Because we have been operating in this area since the very beginning and, in addition, we cooperate with the most important players on the market (on a pan-European scale), we are able to offer services and products for the largest payment service providers as well as for customers with lower demands on the volume and complexity of transaction processing.

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T2 (formerly Target2)

Like SEPA payments, the product supports the exchange of EUR payment instructions via the pan-European RTGS system T2.


The traditional payment schemes supported by our product include international payments according to the SWIFT standard. CGI's product supports comprehensive processing of all relevant payment messages, including for example transfers and sending of cover payments via RTGS clearing, but also GPI support. We are currently preparing the product for the transition to the CBPR+ standard.

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Instant payments

Instant payments

Like SEPA, we have captured the development of instant payments early on. As a result, we have long experience with these types of payments and our services are among the world's best. More on instant payments at