Technology is all about solving business problems, and CGI works with organizations across sectors to effectively identify, master and execute technologies that solve their problems and drive long-term profitable growth. We help organizations overcome the hype to become true technology heroes known for their tangible innovation and outstanding achievements.

We view technologies as building blocks. While they may perform a certain function on their own, their value is limited until they combine with others. By combining these building blocks for a specific use case, we can design a custom solution and, as patterns emerge through subsequent use cases, develop reusable solutions, creating an environment of ongoing innovation and improvement.



  • Exploit the power of data using advanced analytics to respond quickly to customer and citizen demands.
  • Artificial intelligence combines our end-to-end capabilities in data science and machine learning with deep domain knowledge and technology engineering skills.
  • Augmented reality combines digital and physical realities to drive value.
  • Blockchain helps you unlock the value of blockchain-enabled business networks and value chains.
  • Cloud and hybrid IT helps you modernize application portfolios and deliver new products and services at pace and scale.
  • Cybersecurity allows you to assess the risk, protect the business and operate with confidence 
  • Experiment in the digital world, succeed in the real world with digital twin.


  • We help you understand the unique aspects of your industry, market and stakeholders through insight that drives unique experiences and ultimately business value.
  • Geospatial services harness location intelligence to compete in the digital age.
  • Power your innovation and digital business models with high performance computing.
  • Improve your customer experience and operational efficiency with intelligent automation.
  • Internet of Things technology drives new processes and revenue streams, responds better to customer demands, increases compliance, strengthens security and reduces costs.
  • Video analytics helps you expand and augment their current data strategies, optimize their operations and experiences.


  • Agile services help you transition to agile operating models that drive digital transformation 
  • Cloud-native solutions help you transform your application development capabilities, creating a cloud-based environment that speeds new product and service delivery.
  • DevOps is an end-to-end IT delivery approach that makes business change faster, more flexible and more reliable.
  • Innovation management helps you implement processes in a targeted, structured and strategic manner to harness and monetize creative ideas from within the organization.