13. June 2023

Helsinki, Finland, May 25, 2023 – CGI (TSX: GIB.A) (NYSE: GIB) has partnered with Helsinki University Hospital and Planmeca, a leading manufacturer of high-tech digital imaging devices, to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that assists radiologists in interpreting brain CT scans and detecting the most common types of non-traumatic brain hemorrhages. The collaboration in this research and innovation ecosystem, called CleverHealth Network, is a part of CGI´s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy.

The solution, named AI Head Analysis, has recently been approved to be retrospectively tested in workflow in Helsinki University Hospital. This means that the radiologist and artificial intelligence first analyze the images independently. After the radiologist has made his diagnosis, he can compare his assessment with the results of the AI. The research project has also opened a low-threshold, easy-to-use test environment for all the interested hospitals around the world.


“Each year, millions of people across the globe are diagnosed with some type of brain hemorrhage—an acute condition that requires a prompt and accurate diagnosis. In Finland alone, more than 180,000 head CT scans are performed annually, most of them at emergency clinics,” said Miikka Korja, Chief Innovation Officer and a docent in neurology at the Helsinki University Hospital.

“This number is increasing year by year while the number of radiologists is decreasing,” he noted. “Further, interpreting head CT scans requires time and experience, but most emergency clinics are very busy. To address these challenges, we partnered with CGI and Planmeca to develop a new type of AI solution that uses algorithms to detect the most common types of non-traumatic cerebral hemorrhages rapidly and accurately.”


The solution analyzes data from different imaging devices at hospitals to both build and clinically test algorithms in line with rigorous regulatory requirements. Using AI algorithms, the solution can assist in detecting head CT images that require urgent attention. This eases the workload of radiologists and speeds up treatment by on-call physicians.

The solution’s AI algorithms were jointly developed by CGI, the Helsinki University Hospital, and Planmeca. The hospital has been developing AI algorithms for many years and now has a digital archive containing more than 20 million images. CGI built the solution’s underlying platform on Microsoft Azure.


Independent testing and validation of the solution has so far been conducted by several hospitals, including one of the largest university hospitals in Switzerland. Neurology, one of the world’s leading medical journals, recently published an article on these AI-based diagnostics.

“The AI Head Analysis is a highly unique and innovative solution that may help save many lives in the future from a condition that is both challenging to detect and treat. The solution also demonstrates how CGI is committed to using its expertise and the power of technology to improve the well-being of communities and citizens,” said Leena-Mari Lähteenmaa, President of CGI’s operations in Finland. “Because the solution is independent of any patient data or systems managed by a particular hospital, we may offer it to other hospitals around the world. The solution, we expect, may also be used to advance the development of other AI-based healthcare solutions in the future.”


CGI has a large center of excellence in Finland that develops advanced healthcare technologies and solutions, such as the company’s flagship patient data system OMNI360. With deep experience in developing and integrating business, clinical and IT solutions for public and private sector health organizations, CGI helps healthcare clients advance digital strategies, optimize operations, and improve patient care.


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